First of all, they create your image in the eyes of the client. Thanks to this, a person who is interested in your products or services knows who is behind this business. The right first impression is extremely important.

Also, good business photos can help you stand out from your competitors, especially if they don’t pay attention to this aspect of their work. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who visits your site. If he sees the photo on a grim entrepreneur’s ID, he will definitely not get the most flattering impression of you and your service or product. It seems like a trifle, but it can really change a lot!

Often, business portraits are also attached to the email. Of course, it’s not the content of the message, but the avatar of your mailbox. Posts that have the photo taken correctly look much more professional. Vacation selfies or cute doggies don’t always look good in the eyes of the recipient.

For example, your business profile might appear next to an expert article you’ve written. So the reader begins to associate your face with the knowledge that you want to convey. The more professional you look in the photo, the more reliable and expert your text seems – of course, the photo itself is not enough, but it is quite an important element. So if you decide to share your portrait, try to make it as professional as possible. How to do it? What to pay attention to? What do good business photos look like?

We already know why good business photography is so important for entrepreneurs. But what does “good photo” mean? How should it look? How to prepare for this? What, when viewing your photo, gives people the impression that they are dealing with a professional?

Of course, in the photo you are the most important, but the role of the background cannot be ignored. The second plan is also important, and the viewer is likely to pay attention to it. Usually in this case, the emphasis is on a uniform light or dark background. However, the practice of taking photographs in the workplace is also common. Of course, before such a photo shoot, you should take care of the order. A stack of paperwork on a desk, 3 coffee mugs, a plate of leftovers may show the true face of an office job, but a photo won’t make you look professional. A clean table and environment is a key issue when we decide to take this kind of photo. Even if we do not pay attention to it, we must look at the photo through the eyes of a potential client.

Of course, your appearance is very important. Tired, sleepy, in wrinkled clothes, stooped – you, of course, will not make the client think of you as a professional. You should give more importance to how you present yourself to your clients. Before the photo session, try to get enough sleep, properly moisturize the skin and make you look as rested as possible. If you decide on makeup, it should be light, suitable for your skin, highlight your beauty, but not dominate it.

It is also very important to wear the right clothes that will be appropriate for this style of photography. What you wear is often associated with the industry you work in – accounting services certainly require more formal attire than activities closely associated with the creative industry. In any case, clothing must be clean, ironed and appropriate for the occasion.

Portrait of successful African-American businessman smiling during meeting with colleague at coffee break

Your hairstyle is also important – here you also need to find a middle ground. Tapir and glitter are not the best options, but completely unstyled hair will also not be appropriate. In the case of a hairstyle, care should be taken that it does not cover the face, looks fresh and light.

Good business photos require the right plan. Now more and more often they are moving away from photographs in which only the face is visible (but this does not mean at all that this is the wrong frame), and they show themselves “whole”. So, you should pay attention to a few things:

First of all, try not to slouch. Of course, you don’t have to stand as straight as an arrow, but crouching will make you look tired and frustrated.

Hands are also often a problematic aspect. Sometimes you may not know what to do with them. Try not to hide them though. Hidden hands can cause bad associations – visible ones increase confidence in the person depicted in the photo.

Try several angles to find the best one. You can keep your head straight and just look into the lens, then change position – a little to the side and down, such angles show confidence.