How important is a headshot for a leader?

Has it ever happened that you meet someone and he instantly wins you over? Or, on the contrary, repulsive?

Sometimes you don’t even know why a person aroused such feelings in you. It is believed that the first impression of a person is formed in ⅛ seconds! And it affects whether you hire him, whether you buy his product, or whether you listen to his words.

The portrait of the head is used on the company’s website, in the social network profile, this list is endless. Therefore, if you are the leader of an organization, it is worth considering investing in a good headshot. In the future, this will help your company’s marketing department in promoting your brand in the market.

What to wear to a headshot photo session?

When choosing an image, you should focus, firstly, on the scope of your activity, on where the photo will be displayed, and of course, on your personality.

For the most conservative areas, such as law and finance, a standard formal suit is recommended.

If you’re planning to post the photo on a website or social networking site, you can browse the websites of other companies in your industry and see how the executives are dressed. So you can understand what style is appropriate in your environment, and what image will be positively perceived by the audience.

Potential investors are most likely to prefer to see you in a formal outfit, as a person in a formal suit looks more confident and reliable than, for example, in casual clothes. However, if you know that the main part of the audience that will see you in this picture will be real or potential customers, then you should consider a slightly more relaxed style.

What is the best way to pose for a headshot?

Luckily, posing for this type of shot is not a difficult task due to the fact that, firstly, it is necessary to maintain the formal style of the photo, and secondly, the name “headshot” (literally “head shot”) implies that the focus is on face. Shoulders are also usually visible in the frame, but as far as the arms are concerned, their presence in the frame and their position depends solely on your preferences.

When creating such a shot, we try to keep the pose, image and background minimalist, as the main goal of a headshot is to show your professionalism.

Usually, at the beginning of the photo session, we ask the client to take the simplest and most relaxed pose: stand up straight and smile. In the future, we will move on to a number of other poses, such as crossed arms and a confidently raised chin, and perhaps take a couple of shots where you look as friendly as possible, within the acceptable limits of business style. The manager should have several different photos for all possible use cases.