Rusty Toothbrush on the shelves

4 years, 4 months ago

Last year some good friends of mine and I embarked on a project through the cold winter months in New Zealand, riding and filming various talked about spots in the Queenstown area. We knew when we started that there was probably a reason why such a mission was not common place in the NewZealand snowboard scene, but throwing caution to the wind we manned shovels, ropes, trucks and trailers to bring the whole thing together. None of us anticipated the response and support we got from all over the world; Getting coverage on pretty much every major snowboard page on the web.
Over the 2 months the missions we went on and experiences we shared together are something i know none of us will never forget. For me, the opportunity to document this was a privilege; and to get my buddies on the pages of our favourite magazines makes it all worth while. So everybody go grab yourself a copy of the new (April 2014) edition of Transfer Snowboard Magazine, to see the full 7 page article on our antics.