Action sports and photography go hand in hand. Often unknowingly, even as kids, snowboarders and skateboarders absorb a vast amount of visual information from magazines to movies from the artists that document the sports we love and follow.

Will Linstead was no exception to this, as a young skateboarder he strived to document his time with his friends skating and living around London, as the scene and sport grew quickly around him.
His fascination and excitement behind the lens stuck with him. After studying photography through his late school years, he Graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA(hons) degree in photography, during which he was part of many exhibitions displaying varying topographical landscape projects from around the UK.

After a winter in Europe Will was drawn to the South Island of New Zealand 5 years ago by its snow capped mountains and dramatic surroundings, idolised in many of the movies made in the snowboard industry at the time.

His time in New Zealand has lead him all over the world on the photographic projects depicted throughout the work shown on his site.

Indulging in the luxury of having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world at his disposal, Will has been able to further his grounding in the photography world after his studies, and is quickly becoming a recognised name in the Australasian snowboard scene.

Working in the events and sports industries in Australia and New Zealand he has broadened his portfolio and skills across a wide spectrum of subjects, continuing his fascination and love for the art of photography.

“Will Linstead is the most humble man behind a lens. His dedication to getting the shot often surpasses the riders he shoots with. His creative style and core photographic values make him the absolute must have player to take with you on any shoot and he isn’t afraid to get behind a shovel from time to time either.” Alex Stewart, Rusty Toothbrush.